The Devon Rex loves people and welcomes the attention of friends and family alike - they are extremely intelligent, extrovert and affectionate.. They are very playful and will  find hours of fun in the simplest of things, they are also happy to play fetch! Often described as a cross between a cat, dog, monkey and Denace the Menace this is a lively breed that is not for people with valuable ornaments or a nervous disposition!

Devons love warmth and will often snuggle up under your jacket or you bed clothes if you let them, and be warned they are highly addictive, one is never enough!

As they are very sociable animals they thrive on company whether it be human or animal - if you are considering a Devon Rex kitten please consider a playmate for him/her and note I dont sell Devons unless they will have some form of company

​Faerydae Devon Rex